David Letterman Flew To India To Have His Glorious Retirement Beard Snipped

It took David Letterman all of about 10 seconds after retiring from his long-running gig as host of ‘The Late Show‘ to let his retirement beard bloom into glorious life.

The transformation from clean-shaven TV host to terrifying beast from the snowy tundra was as instantaneous as it was, frankly, completely badass. And through a number of sporadic appearances, the mighty beard has stayed; untouched, untrimmed, wild and free. As grey as a glum winter’s morn.
But after well over a year of magnificent retirement, Letterman has finally let someone give the ole’ chin brush a tidy-up.
In India.
As you do.
Letterman is working with National Geographic on an episode of their doco-series ‘Years of Living Dangerously,’ travelling to India to explore their fledgling power grid and looking at renewable energy solutions; namely solar.
The “sensory overload” of landing in New Dehli for the first time drove Letterman to seek out a barber shop and have a trim of the beard, coupled with one of the most aggressive-looking head massages you’re ever likely to see.

You might ask yourself “why travel all the way to India to get a beard trim?” But frankly, with the way Letterman’s crushing retirement, the better question is probably “why the hell not?
Letterman’s episode of ‘Years of Living Dangerously‘ is set to air on October 30.
Source: HuffPo.