Darwin Battlers Shivered Through One Of Their Coldest Days Ever At 18ºC

Pray for Darwin, team.

Our northern capital just battled through one of its coldest days on record on Tuesday – with the mercury bottoming out at a bone-rattling, teeth-chattering, frostbitten… 18.1 degrees Celsius.

The maximum daily temperature was a frosty 22.1ºC. Previously, the lowest April maximum was 24.6ºC, recorded in 1961. The average April high, for the record, is 31.9ºC.
Bureau of Meteorology weather services manager Ben Suter said it was one of Darwin’s coldest ever days on record. “We’ve struggled to get above 21ºC,” he said. “There have only been five days in the past 74 years where we’ve struggled to get above 21ºC.”

Apparently, cool south-east winds and dry air were to blame for the positively Arctic conditions hitting the Top End
There’s good news, though: the cyclone warning for the Northern Territory has been called off, with a tropical low over the Tiwi Islands not expected to intensify. Darwin could still cop some battering winds regardless, and authorities warn residents to be aware of flooding.
But hopefully no more of this unbelievable, soul-wrenching cold.
Source: News.com.au.
Photo: The Shining.