Daniel Morcombe’s Killer Allowed To Change His Name To ‘Shaddo N-unyah Hunter’

This writer is off the opinion that criminals as heinous as sex offender and child killer Brett Peter Cowan – currently serving life for the murder of Sunshine Coast school kid Daniel Morcombe – should be granted the most basic of civil liberties and nothing more.

And yet it’s now emerged the 46-year-old has been granted permission to use his legal-changed name of Shaddo N-unyah Hunter inside jail in an attempt to protect himself; his Wolston Correctional Facility ID card and name in the prison’s Integrated Offender Management System have already been changed over.
A prison source told the Courier Mail he believes the department allowed Cowan to make the switch to help him keep a lower profile after recently being attacked by a fellow inmate who allegedly tipped boiling water over his head and beat him with the bucket.
To add insult to injury, it’s believed Cowan changed his name to Shaddo N-unyah Hunter after he became a suspect in Daniel’s disappearance back in 2003.
It’s a fkn weird name, and he apparently told undercover detectives Shaddo was his dog’s name, while “N-unyah” stands for “none of your business”.
A Queensland Corrective Services spokesman said it’s Cowan’s right to be addressed by his changed name, despite the circumstances.

“Prisoners born outside of Queensland who have previously changed their name in another state are legally entitled to be addressed under their new identity.”

Source: Couriel Mail