Dangerfield Has Finally Released A Statement About The Discontinuation Of Its Curve Range

Alt fashion label Dangerfield has released a statement after it was accused of quietly discontinuing its plus-size fashion range, Dangerfield Curve.

In case you missed it, a slew of customers took to social media to express their frustration after the brand stopped stocking its plus-sized range without releasing a statement or explanation.

It’s pretty universally understood that in Australia, the clothing options for plus-size people are virtually not existent. We also have a significant problem with size diversity, where many mainstream fashion brands go up to a size 14 at best.

So, understandably, Dangerfield’s discontinuation was highly frustrating for people who relied on their Curve range to express their sense of style.

Dangerfield has now officially released a statement, which says: “We pride ourselves on being an inclusive brand and recognised that the Curve range was not giving our loyal customers enough choice and appropriate fits. In Aug 2021, we made the decision to expand our straight size range up to a size 20.

“The Curve range used to only have 62 styles and now because of the changes we have made, our customers have access to over 638 styles up to a size 20.

“We received feedback on our size 22 and size 24 in regards to fit, and we are working on what this will look like in future collections. However if you are interested in those sizes please contact us and we will be sure to keep you updated. We look forward to hearing from you.

“Within the next few weeks, we will receive an exciting initiative that will be donated to front line workers that is produced in a size range from size 6–24. This is part of our inclusivity strategy ensuring all members of our community have the opportunity to wear what they love.”

It also shared the statement on the brand’s Instagram page.

So, a few points of note there. While it’s a good thing for a mainstream fashion brand to have options up to a size 20 as a baseline standard, that size range still isolates a large proportion of the plus-size community who shopped in the Curve range.

It does seem as though there’s potential for sizes 22 and 24 to come back, though at the moment it seems doubtful the brand will expand beyond a size 24.

The comments on Dangerfield’s IG statement contain a mix of praise and frustration. One user commented “thank god omg, I was so scared that you were getting rid of them forever” while another said “fantastic news, size inclusivity is so important!”.

However, a number of people also called for the brand to increase its size range. One wrote: “stopping at a size 24 is NOT inclusive. Using that in your marketing is misleading and fatphobic”, while others pointed out that there are many plus-sized customers who are above a size 24.

In an email obtained by PEDESTRIAN.TV, which was sent from a Dangerfield representative to a customer earlier this year, the brand said that customers weren’t happy about the limitations of the Curve range. However, the email also said there was also mixed feedback about Curve’s sizing, with some customers saying the clothes ran bigger than industry standard 18-24 sizes.

To me, this still feels like a weird reason to remove an entire clothing range without notifying your customers.

According to its statement Dangerfield does want people who are interested in the plus-size options to contact them. So go forth and email, my alternative fashion icons.