Dan Single Interview For Bondi Style

If there is one label synonymous with Bondi, undoubtedly it is Ksubi. Co-founder and designer Dan Single is fashion royalty in Australia and has created of one of the country’s most successful labels and sub-cultures.
Ksubi currently sells in 18 countries internationally with three Australian concept stores and one in Soho, New York.

Dan, you’re originally from the Northern Beaches in Sydney… how is that different to Bondi? It’s quieter, the surf’s better, life is simpler.

What brought you to live here? Because the hour drive to work everyday is a killer. Two hours in total a day. That is close to 700 hours a year. That is 700 hours that could be spent enjoying myself.

How has the area evolved over that time? There are less bars and the streets are wider.

You have Ksubi concept stores and retailers internationally…what makes you choose to live in Sydney above somewhere like New York? Because I have a son, Justice. New York is a single person’s town.

Is your local area a key influence in your fashion design? If so, how? Maybe that it is pretty relaxed and not too serious.

How does that look appeal to overseas customers? It appeals because most people seem so uptight about stuff. We don’t really take ourselves too seriously and I think that is refreshing for people.

What awareness or perception do you find people overseas have of Bondi? That it is a beach town filled with actors, models and photographers (and it’s true).

Your first concept store was in Gould St, Bondi. Why did you choose this location? Because at that time no one was selling our stuff in Bondi and it is also where we like to hang out.

How would you define Bondi style? Beachy with a bit of fluoro. Bad sunglasses and short shorts.

What changes do you foresee in Bondi over the next few years? Not much I hope. All the hotels will eventually be gone to make way for luxury apartments. I hope the whole place won’t be filled with luxury apartments that nobody can afford to live in.

Bondi Style is a self described “snapshot of life beyond the tourist clichés”. An exploration of Sydney’s most iconic suburb through streetscape photography, style snaps and candid interviews with local creatives and identities.


Title Image by Bambi Luis Ascui via Getty