Dan Single And Bambi Have A Beach Wedding

Dan Single and Bambi Northwood-Blyth are getting married! This we already know because the Daily Telegraph told us, but now they are making it extra official with an exclusive shoot in the next issue of Vogue Brides.

According to these ‘leaked’ behind-the-scenes pics, the shoot lensed by Vogue Australia favourite Max Doyle will feature Dan and Bambi pretending to get married in various high fashion outfits on location on Sydney’s Northern Beaches (as well as some not-so-high fashion outfits such as the one in which Dan is wearing only black jodhpurs).

Shortly after the diminutive supermodel and ksubi founder/solo designer/DJ/publisher revealed that they became engaged on New Year’s Eve a ‘friend’ said “The wedding will be smallish, close friends and family probably in Australia early next year.” but I feel like I’m there.