Dan Single and Bambi Are Engaged

Dan Single and Bambi Northwood-Blyth are engaged to be married, thanks to The Power of Love.
According to a report in today’s Telegraph, ksubi co-founder Single, 33, proposed to his 21-year old fiancée Bambi – founder of the best brows in the world – in Thailand on New Year’s Eve using both his words and “a black onyx, heart-shaped ring which he designed with his friend Angus Logan.” 
The pair will bind their souls in an unbreakable vow of matrimony in front of their nearest and dearest early next year, probably at Icebergs.
A source close to the couple described as ‘a friend’ said “The wedding will be smallish, close friends and family probably in Australia early next year.

Both their families are over the moon for them and can’t wait for the wedding. Their mums are already into the planning.
The couple – who I don’t believe have a portmanteau and as such require one immediately – Bingle (or, probably more appropriately, Danbi), have been dating for four years and live between Sydney in an envy-inducing Bondi love-pad and New York, where Bambi does #fashion and Dan no doubt sources inspiration for his upcoming solo clothing line and alter-ego, DAAN, set to launch in April. 
The affiancing of Bingle/Danbi and their impending union trumps recent big name nuptials including Avril Lavigne and Chad KroegerJennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, and Miley Cyrus and a Hemsworth
Just kidding, no one trumps Jen. Congratulations to the happy couple! Congratulations also go to Us; we now have another wedding (dress) to look forward to.
Photo by Luis Ascui via Getty/Instagrams via @stefbambi_