Daisy Lowe For Marc Jacobs

If the recent swarm of pseudo talented, lady-about-town it girls has taught us anything it’s that being the offspring of a celebrity affords one a certain competitive advantage (how else could Peaches Geldof edit a magazine?).

With that in mind, Daisy Lowe the daughter of Pearl Lowe (singer/designer) and Gavin Rossdale (Mr. Stefani/Bush frontman) has expanded her modeling portfolio (which most famously includes a steamy Agent Provocateur campaign) by appearing in the new “Marc by Marc Jacobs” advertisements.

Shot in Juergen Teller’s distinctively washed out style, the ad sees Lowe, doe eyed beauty that she is, sprawled out on virginal white sheets with come hither eyes affixed directly at the viewer. Bereft of the tongue in cheek humour of previous campaigns (see M.I.A, Dakota Fanning, even Victoria Beckham) it seems that in these tight economic times “sexy” equates to “safe”.