That Cute As Hell Queer Fam Who Went IG Viral Are Now Fashion Stars

Think back to 2014. Ah, a time when sport-luxe was just starting to make its way into our wardrobes and Kylie Jenner had that blue-tipped hair. It was also the year we all died over this Instagram post:

Yep, the hot dad couple that do their little girls’ hair while looking super hot.

Since then, the couple – Kordale Lewis and Kaleb Anthony – have amassed 167k followers – and can now add ‘model’ to their CVs, along with ‘Instagram celebrity’ – absolutely a real thing in 2017, and just imagine what our ye olde ancestors would think of that.

They’ve also got a bigger fam – their two daughters, now 10 and 9, are joined by Kordale Jnr and Kaleb Jnr, 8 and 8 months respectively. The entire fam star in Acne Studios latest campaign, and goddammit if this isn’t the cutest shoot we’ve ever seen.

Apparently, Acne Studios hit the couple up on Insta DM to get it happening.

“I don’t think either of us knew how big the campaign was until we actually got to New York. The experience was breathtaking,” Kordale told i-D in a recent interview.

The pics were taken by famous photog pair Inez & Vinoodh, and the concept, created by Acne’s Jonny Johansson, was a modern family dressed matchy-matchy – hence the striped rugby jerseys all-round. I mean, can you even cope with this, seriously.