Cruelty-Free Makeup Brand Mecca Max Is Now Also 100% Vegan

Cruelty Free Makeup Brand Mecca Max Is Now Also 100% Vegan

In very happy news for animals everywhere and the humans who care about them, proudly animal cruelty-free makeup brand Mecca Max has announced their collection will now not only stand against any animal testing of any kind but is also 100% vegan. Yup, absolutely no ingredients from animals.

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We knew that animal-friendly products were important to our customers, so it made complete sense for us to remove any animal derivatives or by-products from our formulations without compromising on their performance,” says Brand Manager Ellie Hockley.

I don’t need to tell you, who has obviously found themselves on this story for good reason, that Mecca has long been a pretty popular make-up label. They forayed into the cruelty-free collection this time last year after actually listening to the calls from their customers and employees for an option that did not hurt the little bunnies. They’ve once again based the change to go the extra mile and become vegan after customer feedback.

Anyone trying to live a vegan (well, vegetarian in my case because god damn I find dairy delightful, but close enough for make-up purposes) lifestyle will be fully aware that trying to apply your morals to beauty products usually requires a pretty hefty increase in your budget, but one of the biggest surprises surrounding Mecca Max was their low price point.

So basically you can have your better world and hide those dark circles because of all the long hours you spend kicking butt too. Which is nice.