Crack Out Your Sweaters ‘Cause Kenneth Bone May Have Just Got Twitter

Here’s a theory for why the internet latched on to Kenneth Bone, a thoroughly average questioner at today’s US presidential debate: the public is so goddamn sick of this perverse political shitshow that it will seize on any normalcy with the force of a thousand suns. 

We mean, really: after the past fortnight, the bloke calmly asked about each candidate’s energy policies. Not sexual assault. Not tax avoidance. Not Syria. Energy. 

The man is such a delightful throwback, which makes the outpouring of Kenneth Bone Twitter accounts so hilarious. Scores of meme-happy online denizens have emulated his besweatered visage in an attempt to capitalise on his disposable-camera-using averageness:

Yet, rising above the fray, another account has emerged. A profile that we deeply believe to be the only true online representation of one Kenneth Bone. His handle: @RealKennyBone. 

We’re basing this assumption on little more than the fact @RealKennyBone, unlike other accounts, reflects the man’s quiet but confident normalcy:

The man even had the decency to wish his new and ardent following a good night’s sleep after a busy day of screaming at the television:

In some small way, we know this isn’t to be – that Kenneth Bone is too kind, too pure for this world. That he came to visit us in our moment of most desperate need, to remind us that concerns about renewable energy and sensible khaki combinations are what we should be talking about, but he could not stay any longer than necessary. His people need him. In the Bone Zone.

Still, we’re following @RealKennyBone, and you should too. We’ll let this troubadour play you out:

Source: @RealKennyBone / Twitter.