COVERGIRL And Romance Was Born Breed ‘Star Wars’ Super-Child/Collection

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. . . . 


The COVERGIRL alliance recognised the plethora of female Star Wars fans begging for a makeup range that would aid in the recreation of their favourite galactic looks. Their cries were echoed by modern, fashion forward women looking for products more fierce than an angered Tuscan Raider. So, to answer these calls, they created the COVERGIRL Star Wars Makeup Collection

To celebrate the range, PEDESTRIAN.TV teamed up with COVERGIRL and Disney to curate, what we believe to be, the most incredible event of 2015. Check out the looks our pals, Romance Was Born, created for ze party.

As y’all might have heard, we threw one bangin’ par-tay last night. To showcase COVERGIRL’s Star Wars collaboration, Romance Was Born created a range of light side and dark side threads so the makeup looks could come to life. 
Humble brag: we really ticked off every galactic/beauty based passion point.
A huge thank you to Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales of RWB for their tireless effort and mastery of all things clothing (<3), as well as The Mode Collective for the fabulous footwear.