Couple Lifts Matrimony Game With Movie Poster Wedding Announcement

Coming soon to an intolerable wedding-centric Pinterest account near you is the unmissable smash hit of the summer starring true love, pop culture references and a critically acclaimed use of the Adobe Creative Suite.

Josh, a photographer, and his one true love Rachel, who works in the film industry, are engaged to be married next year but instead of announcing the ceremony through standard methods of communication used by people who don’t actually love each other as much as Josh and Rachel clearly do, the pair opted instead to up their matrimony game and recreate famous movie posters to double as their wedding announcement.

The result is a professionally rendered collection of blockbuster movie poster parodies it’d be easy to get all snarky and cynical about were it not for all the stupid rainbow coloured 3D love rays emanating from their faces. Oh you two. Below are some of the finest including blog worthy riffs on Little Miss Sunshine, An Education, Inception, How I Met Your Mother and Walk The Line.

Four and a half stars.

See the rest over at Josh’s blog.  

Via Buzzfeed