Count The Picturesque Tropes In Instagram’s First Official Ad

The intensely scrutinised monetisation of Instagram, now officially known as Ca$h Money In$tagram, has finally come to fruition after the heated initial horror of filter-loving bros at its announcement and dropping its first ‘sample’ ad last month

The first ad rolled out over the past few days, with accessories brand Michael Kors taking the lead in “Cut me off a slice o’ that” advertising gold. The ad seems to have had a soft release, in that not every user on instagram will have seen the sponsored insty pop up on their feed. Though seeing as the first ad ought to tread lightly and would cause an uproar if users were presented with some “Six Secret Steps To A Flat Stomach” flashing mess, the history-making ad instead opted for an unashamed embodiment of instagram. The ad is so pretty, so pastel, so picturesque that I think my eyes are beginning to bleed sugary pink tears. 

As if it were lifted directly from Nicole Warne‘s own feed, the ad shown to millions (that received a surge from the brand’s usual ~50,000 likes to 200,000 +) was this:

How exactly instagramic is Michael Kors’ advert? Let’s tick off essential #insty tropes:

– It’s in Paris (caption reads: “5:15pm: Pampered in Paris”)
– Pastel Macarons, one carelessly, casually nibbled
– A hot beverage
– A slightly obscured polaroid
– A blingy centre-piece vanity accessory
– Tilt-shift blur
– Subtly filtered hues
– Obnoxious, slightly punny hashtag: “#MKTimeless”

Great job, Michael Kors. You’ve won instagram.

Via Tech Crunch.