So Cory Bernardi is out of the Liberal Party and off to form his own little Australian Conservatives party. Hooo bloody boy.

And while in the past he’s spent practically his entire political career being extraordinarily obsessed with exactly who people choose to sleep with and how they choose to do it, he’s now apparently setting about the task of drumming up public support for his fledgling party.

To do that, he’s diving straight after that glorious, Trump-ish, low-hanging fruit: political entitlements.

The “drain the swamp” and “politics is corrupt” line of thought played a major role in how Trump mystifyingly got over the line as US President, and it’s that very Trump-like tactic that Bernardi’s immediately going for.

After Malcolm Turnbull last week axed the domestic travel gold card for all Federal MPs, reigning in the outrageously generous free business class flights for life deal that retired pollies previously enjoyed, Bernardi now has the knives out for those cuts and is gunning for them to go further.

While Turnbull’s cuts applied to all MPs, ex-Prime Ministers were spared. But if Bernardi has his way, all retired or deposed Prime Ministers who served one term would not be eligible for the domestic flights gold card either. Speaking to the ABC, Bernardi criticised the Prime Ministerial exceptions, and demanded they too be eradicated.

“They are happy to take it away from serving MPs, or those who have qualified to travel entitlements or post-parliamentary benefits, but they want to quarantine it for serving prime ministers. I think that is [self] serving.”

“I do not know why anybody who serves for less than four years in the job of prime minister should receive access to a gold pass. It will stop the Hunger Games, if you will, for people who say, ‘look at me, I managed to become prime minister’, for 12 months or whatever, before they are turfed out by their own side.”

That’s a fine sentiment in and of itself, until you realise that if the cuts were to include former one-term Prime Ministers it would only really apply to three people in the country.


Kevin Rudd. Julia Gillard. And, interestingly enough given his history with Bernardi, Tony Abbott.

And this new Bernardi idea still doesn’t change the fact that he is on record – in Hansard – suggesting that same-sex marriage would lead to calls for bestiality to be legalised, once published an essay questioning whether global warming was caused by human involvement, and suggested the Turnbull Government adopt a modified version of One Nation‘s immigration policy.

Old mate is going full Trump. 100%.

Source: ABC News.