This New Site Has Chic-As-Hell Gifts For Yr Mate Who’s Not A Regular Mum, She’s A Cool Mum

Cool Baby Products

One thing about many baby products is that they, well, suck. They’re plastic, they’re loud colours, they’re a dime a dozen at the department store, and sometimes they just don’t suit the baby or the parent that you’re buying them for. I’ve literally typed cool baby products into Google that many times looking for answers.

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Having now had several friends go down the baby-making route (and currently being up the duff myself), I am all too aware that it can be tough to find, yep, cool and handy stuff for babies and parents, and unique gifts that 1000 other people haven’t bought for them. And then if you do happen to find that adorable little artisanal rattle made from sustainable Tasmanian wood, you check the price tag only to find it’s $160. Or you find an hip little gender-neutral romper and then realise the site is US-based and won’t ship here.

In my insomnia haze of googling cool baby products, I have happened upon the most magical discovery — a new Aussie website called The Memo, which is a curated edit of cool, chic, and most importantly, actually useful baby and mum gear with a bunch of sustainable options included. Created by ex-beauty brand execs Kate Casey and Phoebe Simmonds, they have done all the work for you and put together a collection of stuff that parents actually need, so instead of those insanely confusing baby warehouse sites with thousands of different types of baby carriers, for example, the helpful folks at The Memo have just picked 4 of the best.

If you’ve got a friend who’s expecting, has just become a new parent or you’re cooking up a bebe yourself, here’s a bunch of stuff found on The Memo that would make an awesome pressie (or easily justified purchase for yourself).


These are good because babies react strongly to black and white, so showing them monochrome colours helps grab their attention and shape their vision and perceptive skills. And at a touch over 20 bucks they’re a nice lil’ affordable gift.

Cool Baby Products
Wee Gallery Jungle Art Cards, $20.95

This teething rattle is a 2-in-1 genius product: the teething bub can chew on it all the live long day, and it’s also fun and stimulating to play with. Plus it’s not made of gross plastic — a win.

Dove and Dovelet Rattle Teether, $30

If your friend (or you) are having a surprise and not doing an elaborate gender reveal, then this very cute and cheerful gender-neutral onesie is a v. sensible clothing choice.

Cool Baby Products
Wilson and Frenchy Rib Short Sleeve Body Suit in Jojoba Stripe, $26.95

Okay so I actually want this rocker in an adult size. It looks like the best place to chill. It may be more on the expensive side, but is a good idea for a baby shower gift if you and other mates are pitching in.

Charlie Crane Levo Baby Rocker Beech in Organic White, $435


One of the nicest things to do for an expectant or new mum is to buy her something that’s just something lovely for her and not baby related, like a breezy linen set she can wear around the house (with buttons for breastfeeding).

In Bed Linen Pyjama Set in Natural Stripe, $195

Women’s bodies go through actual hell during pregnancy (trust me, I am living this right now) so a useful, affordable self-care gift is a luxe body oil for her to slather on her boobs, bump and post-baby belly.

Cool Baby Products
Ena Body Oil in Rose, Geranium and Lavender, $44

And this is my absolute favourite thing on the entire site. How good is this freaking baby bag? In cool-as-hell all black, it has all the nooks and pockets to fit all the day-to-day necessities without stuff spilling out everywhere. I love it, and if any of my friends are reading this *coughs loudly* you know what to do.

Aluxo Active X – Unisex Baby Backpack in Black, $189.95

There’s obviously loads more cool baby products on the site that might tickle your fancy, so go ahead and bookmark The Memo for your next baby shower.