Converse One Stars Are Having A Shit-Hot Moment Thx To These Rapper Collabs

Remember Converse One Stars? They were the kicks-du-jour circa like, 1999 and it seems (like everything from the 90’s) they’re coming back around again, thanks to a bunch of rap artists who are really, REALLY trying to make them a thing. And tbh, it’s kind of working.

The brand’s been pushing their old-school style for a fair few months now, doing some sweet collabs with brands such as Footpatrol and Undefeated. But it’s their rap artist partnerships that have really pushed the style back up the ranks fashion-wise.

Tyler the Creator was first off the ranks a couple of months ago with his One Star x Golf Le Fleur collaboration, a series of painfully slick suede pastels that keep bloody selling out.

Now, it’s A$AP Nast‘s turn, and damn if we won’t be lining up to get our hands on these corduroy babies. Hoooo boy.

The corduroy makes these super 70’s, which lines them up perfectly with where the fashion world is at, with the whole Americana, 70’s/80’s thing being hot shit at the moment.  It’s also a genius move on Converse’s behalf – the collabs really showcase how versatile the One Star can be.

No word yet on when A$AP Nast’s line drops, but keep your eyes on the Converse site cos we reckon they’ll sell out in minutes.