Sorry fam, your favourite supermarket trick of ‘scanning literally everything through as carrots or brown onions’ is gonna be over real dang soon. 

It’s been reported that Coles Supermarkets will be tackling the theft problem at self-serve checkouts by making all of them 12 items of less. 

A Coles spokesperson told they were trialling “a 12-item limit on self scanning check-outs” at a bunch of stores around the country:

“We have found customers with small baskets can generally complete their shopping faster by using self-scanning check-outs.”

However, if you’ve picked up 13 or more items, you’ll have to use the traditional checkouts. Y’know, the one where you have to TALK to someone. Weird, no?

Supermarket research body Canstar Blue said that shoppers, particularly younger shoppers, are more likely to nick things at the self-serve because they’re removed from the human face of the company. 

Younger shoppers embraced self-serve because it allowed them to actively avoid talking to people (*raises hand*) but it was this exact lack of IRL communication that allowed them to get their five-finger discount on. 

So, sorry about it! You little ~teevs~, you. 

Coles Self-Service Is Now 12 Items Or Less Thx To Yr Daring Grocery Heists


Photo: Quinn Rooney / Getty.