Clive Palmer Receives Go-Ahead On World’s Largest, “Classiest, Subtlest” Dinosaur Park

Noted minimalist seaman, the level-headed publisher and cool-under-pressure Prime Ministerial candidate Cap’n Clive Palmer has received the all-clear from the Sunshine Coast Regional Council to build the world’s biggest, classiest and subtlest dinosaur park at his Coolum resort, home already to two totally cool live-sized dinosaur action figures. 

The ABC are reporting that despite some 200 objections lodged by those who should be so lucky as to live next to Jurassic Park, the Council has unanimously approved Palmer’s development application to expand his toy collection from two plastic dinosaurs to one hundred and sixty (160) animated replica plastic dinosaurs.
Preempting the concerns of haters, Councillor Jason O’Pray described the development as “classy and subtle”, saying “it is not Disneyland” and that the hundreds of nearby residents who objected need not worry about the roaring decibels incurred by the presence of giant – soon to be sentient, hopefully – robots.
Palmer’s Wonderland – his Graceland, his Neverland, his Legacy – also includes plans for a vintage car museum, because look at my sheeyit; look on my works, ye mighty, and despair.
via The ABC
Photo: Dave Hunt via AAP