CHOOFOUNDLAND: Canada Reportedly Set To Legalise The Weed Drug By Mid-2018

Marijuana. The weed drug. The Rastafari breakfast. Aunty Beryl’s compost. Big puffy.
Whatever you want to call it, the blessed ganja is a constant source of curiosity for lawmakers across across the globe. Here in Australia we’re finally moving towards a point where conservative legislators are sort-of okay with the idea of marijuana being used in medical research and as treatment for patients with chronic and terminal illnesses.
Overseas, the issue has progressed a lot further.
A number of states in the US have already fully legalised recreational marijuana, but most handsome PM Justin Trudeau is set to take that one step further by totally legalising marijuana across Canada.
Trudeau’s Liberal Party is reportedly inching towards drafting legislation that would legalise weed for the entire nation under new laws that would come into effect from July 1st, 2018.
The laws, which Trudeau has been promising for quite some time, would see the Canadian provinces control the sale of marijuana, and provincial governments given the right to set the price. Weed products would be taxed according to potency. The Federal Government would retain the responsibility of overseeing production and supply.
Under the new laws, private Canadian citizens would also be allowed to own and grow up to a maximum of four marijuana plants per household.
If and when the laws are passed, it would make Canada the largest developed country to abolish recreational weed prohibition.
Now if there are any ageing Canadian hockey stars reading – I’m looking at you, Joe Thornton – now might be the time to go full-Peyton Manning and buy up 30-odd Papa John’s locations right before the weed laws come into effect.
‘Course in Canada they’d be Pizza Pizza stores. But, y’know, same same.
Hell yeah, Canadian pals! Smoke up!

Photo: Donald Weber/Getty.