Chemical Weapons Watchdog Wins Nobel Prize, Notified Via Twitter

The Noblest Nobel Prize of them all, The Nobel Peace Prize, has been awarded overnight to the little-known Organisation for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), beating the bookies’ favourite and youngest nominee, the phenomenal teenage education activist Malala Yousavzai, as well as Bono, Vladimir Putin and Chelsea Manning. According to ABC News, the Pakistan Taliban, who shot Malala Yousavzai in October last year were “delighted” of Malala’s loss, because of course they were. 

The OPCW garnered attention and unrivalled admiration this year with their work in helping to destroy Syria’s treacherous chemical weapon stockpile that led to over 1400 deaths in an attack on August 21 this year. The organisation aims to obliterate Syria’s stockpile by November 1 this year, ABC News reports, and have been humbled by their win which will bring much-needed worldwide recognition and support: “The recognition that the peace prize brings will spur us to untiring effort, even stronger commitment and greater dedication,” said OPCW director Ahmet Uzumcu
But as these historic, iconic, fleeting life-affirming moments go these days, the peace prize was distressingly announced to the OPCW 20 minutes after the ceremony, with a three hour wait for the organisation to respond on twitter. The Nobel Prize’s tweets started off just being awkward:
and then it was like, no seriously guys, is anyone there, anyone? Beuller?
But it all worked out in the end, with OPCW confirming their win. 

Title image by AFP via Getty.