If you’re a fan of Stranger Things, you’re either team Charlie Heaton or team Joe Keery. Or hey, if you’re me – you’re mentally married to both of them in a sort of time-share, polygamist scenario. In short – stay away from my husbands.

Whoever you’re a fan of, it is undeniable that young Charlie here is straight up fire on the cover of GQ Italia. Damn, boy.

I was having a hard time reading his shirt, and then followed Charlie’s tags on Instagram – he’s being his typical angelic self and using his international mag cover to promote a campaign to protect the historic London landmark, The George Tavern.

For the unaware (me), The George Tavern is a 400 year old institution with over 200 years of live music history. There’s a risk that a site next door will turn into luxury apartments and result in noise complaints and their 3am license being revoked (how very SYDNEY, no?) so a bunch of celebs – including Kate Moss, Grace Jones and Georgia Jagger – have been banding together to save the venue from potential closure.

Gotta be honest, Charlie wearing the campaign shirt on the GQ Italia cover had me googling, so no doubt it’ll see scores of people getting across the cause.


The shoot inside is all music themed, and while I tried to translate the interview (it was in Italian, obviously) Google Translate was being a lil’ bitch so I have no idea what he’s said. Soz. The pics, however, are marvellous.

This is absolutely getting stuck to my office wall immediately.

If you can read Italian (I’m so jealous) head over to GQ Italia’s site here for an interview with Charlie. Or hey, maybe your Google Translate won’t be a shithead like mine was.

Image: GQ Italia / Cedric Buchet