Champion’s New Collection With HoMie Is Tackling Youth Homelessness And We Bloody Love It

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It’s nice to think our purchases are actually making a difference – someway, somehow. Being more conscious of our fashion buys is one of the best (and easiest) ways to crank up the ethical consumer dial and play our part.

If you’re wondering where to start, I’m glad you asked. Iconic fashion label Champion has joined forces with social enterprise organisation HoMie for a streetwear collection that looks good and does good, too. The collab has seen both brands come together creatively and the end result is a sight to behold. There’s a hoodie, t-shirt and socks (available in a variety of colours) with every item featuring a bespoke merged logo to symbolise the coming together of both brands.

The limited collection has just dropped today so it’s hot off the production line and ready to be draped over bodies across the nation. 100% of profits from the fashion range will go directly towards serving HoMie’s mission to support young people affected by homelessness.


Standing for ‘Homelessness of Melbourne’, HoMie is an Aussie social enterprise on a mission to break down the stigma associated with homelessness and those doing it tough on the streets. Starting out as a Facebook page, the brand quickly evolved into a social enterprise program and fashion label. The overall goal is to equip young people affected by homelessness with the skills and confidence to enter the workforce and radically transform their lives. Sound like something you’re keen to get behind? Yeah, we thought so.

“This collaboration is an incredible opportunity for HoMie to align with one of the biggest streetwear players in the world right now. It’s a bit of a pinch ourselves moment to spread our message through such an iconic brand,” says HoMie CEO and Co-Founder Nick Pearce.

Unsurprisingly, stock isn’t expected to last long so you’re encouraged to make moves if you’re keen. The range has just launched and is available online at both websites as well as in store at HoMie’s flagship store, Champion stores nationally and select Universal Stores.

Champion x HoMie Reverse Weave Hoodie, $139

Champion x HoMie Heritage Tee, $64.99

HoMie Socks Crew 2 Pack – $19.99