Catherine McNeil, the self-confessed bogan from Logan, finds herself a long way from home in the latest Jared-Leto-free-gallery uploaded to Terry Richardson’s online photo diary. Shot in Brooklyn, the mesmerising Oz model shows off an extensive collection of tattoos which already includes the following: a rose on her left ribcage, a star behind her left ear, a line across her left hand ring finger, “The day that I die will be by far the most beautiful day I ever lived.” down her right ribcage, “Cherry” on her right wrist, stars on her left wrist, the Chinese symbol for snake on her right hip, a cat on her right arm, “Never look back in anger” below her neck, “Meow” on her right hand, “13” on her right wrist, “Maybe not” on her left arm, a scarab beetle on her left foot and a bunch of others including the initials of former girlfriend Ruby Rose which she has since removed.

Judging from the new photos her latest acquisitions (in ascending order of perceived physical pain) are “forsaken peace” on her left wrist, a broken heart on her left palm and a spiderweb in her right inner-ear.

Take a look via Terry’s Diary