These Cool Phone Cases Celebrate International Women’s Day & I Wanna Start Giving ’Em Out Like Oprah

IWD Phone Cases
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Today is International Women’s Day, a day dedicated to recognising not only what has been achieved by all you beautiful badass women, but what more needs to be done by everyone to ensure that we all, and especially those of us who identify as women, are treated equally and given equal opportunities.

Every time a read/hear about women supporting women I get all tingly inside. I love when women have each other’s backs — whether it’s work wives in the office, drunk girls in the bathroom on a night out, or women rallying online in support of other women — there’s nothing more inspiring tbh.

One of my favourite parts about IWD, aside from celebrating equality, is all the cool lines of clothes and accessories that come out in support of and create by women, like this collection from Casetify. This year, they’ve brought back the ‘Her Impact Matters‘ phone case collection and for the month of March, they’re donating $5 of every case sold from said collection to Equality Now. We LOVE to see it.

Every accessory in the range is designed by a female artist and was curated to help you show your impact and support for equal rights. While the designs are geared towards women, it doesn’t mean that men can’t rock one, too.

If you were looking for an excuse to upgrade your phone case, this is it. From cases that read: ‘Misogyny Bores Me’ and ‘Making Herstory’ to cool illustrations of women and the female form, Castify has cool designs that anyone would be proud to sport. They’ve also got a range of laptop and AirPods cases as well as apple watch bands and charging pads available in the collection.

You can check out some of the range below and show your support.

feminist phone case

Misogyny Bores Me Case, From $60

So She Did Case, From $69

feminist phone case

Self-Lovers Case By Bodil Jane, From $69

Rock N Roll Girls Case, From $69

feminist phone case

Friends Case, From $69

Summer Girls Case, From $70

feminist phone case

Won’t Be Quiet Case, From $69

feminist phone case

Booby Icons Case, From $69

She Can AirPod Pro Case, $54

Power Fist Medley AirPod Pro Case, $54

Bad Ass Charging Pad, $91

Who Run the World (Transparent Laptop Case), $84