TikTok Made Me Buy It: Stop Yr Pants From Sitting Around Yr Ankles With These $9 Button Pins

Keep your jeans up with these button pins
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Today on TikTok Made Me Buy It, we’re here to show you this new hack that’s absolutely blown away people’s minds: button pins. We know what you’re thinking — how could a video about a button pin go viral and amass millions of views? Well, friends, it’s because this cheeky little trick is the easiest way to make your jeans fit perfectly without having to put on a belt or having them altered.

If you’ve ever watched The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants (and if you haven’t, then go watch it RN), you were probably struck dead by the idea that a single pair of jeans could fit four teenaged girls with different body shapes.

Even today, finding the perfect fit is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Either your pants are sitting around your ankles or you’re struggling to pull them back up like Ross in Friends when he wore those iconic leather pants. That’s why the concept of button pins is life-changing.

These jean buttons basically do what they say on the tin. You simply press the button into your jeans wherever you want along the waist of your pants that fits more comfortably than the original button, and then you button your pants to that point.

It’s a bloody great solution if your favourite pair of jeans have stretched after a few wears and you need a way to tighten them up a bit, so you can still get wear out of them. After all, we’ve all got that one pair of comfy jeans that we refuse to let go of no matter what.

If you want to see them in action, there’s a tutorial on TikTok by @xoxoaubzzz below:


Commenters were also quick to point out that they can also be used to make other items of clothing like blazers, skirts, and button-down shirts fit better. They’re also just a great alternative to a bog-standard safety pin, or heading to the tailors, which can sometimes cost more than the actual outfit did.

Where can I buy button pins for my jeans?

The best part about this hack is that pack of 15 button pins is $8.87 from eBay Australia (!!), and you can buy them in a range of different styles — silver, gold, clear — to suit your jeans needs. We’re hooked.