There Now Exists A Butt Vase That Also Helps Disadvantaged Girls Get A Tertiary Education

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It is my firm belief that every house requires at least one butt vase. Truly, it is a beautiful vessel worthy of holding the finest cuttings that you pinched from a neighbourhood park. But what if I were to tell you that there was now a butt vase that not only helped disadvantaged girls get access to tertiary education, but could put you in the running to score $500 cold hard cash at the same time? Pretty sweet deal, you’d have to think. You simply would not be able to pass it up.

But it’s true! Thanks to a new line of truly glorious butt vases launched this morning, Aussie start-up Beysis is not only providing your house with an ultra chic piece of flair, but directly assisting charities that help get underprivileged and at-risk girls the tertiary education they deserve.

$1 from every Femme Vase sold is going to Project Change Australia, a locally-based charity that aims to “end educational disadvantage, promote access to healthcare and help girls pursue meaningful careers.”

The vases come in terracotta, fawn, and nude shades, and are a limited edition release.

Beysis Femme Vase, $43.90

And for those of you who love a bargain with a cheeky little bonus on the side, to mark the release of the limited edition vase Beysis is giving folks the chance to win $500 by getting creative with your favourite new vase.

Those of you who do pick one up – from right here, in case you’ve missed it – can share the various arrangements that you create with it on Instagram with the hashtag #bootyfulbeysiscomp before October 27th. From there, one lucky punter is gonna be plucked from the masses to score that sweet, sweet cash.

Is there any other reason you’d need to not pick this up? There shouldn’t be. A beautiful butt vase to call your very own. Bless yourself.