Burn It All Down: Trump’s Latest Anti-Hillary Video Is Pokémon Go-Themed

Here’s the current state of play in the United States’ never-ending election cycle: Donald Trump is simply waiting for the Republican party’s coronation, while Bernie Sanders finally decided enough was enough. He’s thrown his support behind recent opponent Hillary Clinton to nab the title of the Democrats’ presidential contender. 

While it’d be easy enough to presume the political machine that is Clinton will steamroll the inveterate, outsider windbag that is Trump, she’s had to deal with a large fuck-up of her own devising – a slew of emails, containing info marked as classified, passed through her personal (read: insecure) email server during her first tenure as Secretary of State. Big bloody oops.

The fallout from that discovery has been considerable. Until very recently, the FBI had been on her case, and the State Department is still looking into the hullabaloo. Many commentators have asked why, exactly, someone under investigation for such a sizeable error of judgment should be allowed to continue their campaign. Still, she is.

Of course, Trump is one of those people asking Q’s. Given even the slightest weakness – and this is not a slight weakness, by any means – you’d be right to think Trump would take full advantage. And he has. With a memey Pokémon Go video on Facebook. Because nothing on this wretched planet is worth saving, and we’d be better off after another meteorite strike.

Burn it down. 

This isn’t even the first time the worlds of Trump and Pokémon have converged. A lil’ while ago, a new ferret-lookin’ critter in that universe was singled out for resembling the Donald. 

At this point, we should probably just decide the election like we solved disputes when we were kids: not by battling, but by stealing the cards out the opponent’s backpack when they’re not looking. Suckers.

Source and photo: Facebook.