New Beauty Trend Brow Lamination Sounds Scary, But Is A Godsend For Unruly Eyebrows

When I first heard the term brow lamination, I was alarmed. It sounded like someone was going to add a layer of plastic onto my eyebrows and then seal it there forever.

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But it turns out the new beauty treatment is not as scary as it sounds – or as glossy. It’s slowly taking over as the most hyped method for achieving bushy, lush eyebrows, and with good reason. I asked Colette Manion, Owner of Kohl Beauty in Sydney, about it.

Essentially brow lamination is like a perm for your eyebrows, forcing the hair to stand straight instead of squiggling all over the place.

“Brow lamination works in a similar way to a lash lift in that we set your eyebrows in to a styled shape with a setting solution,” explains Colette. “This allows us to create a ‘brushed up’ or groomed effect through the brow that will last up to 12 weeks. Great for people with wild, unruly brow hair.”

It’s surprising that it’s taken so long for the trend to grow considering lash lifts (perms for lashes) have been a thing for decades now, and our obsession with fluffy, bushy brows has been going strong for years.

The end results can give you a more defined arch (see above), so it’s great if you struggle to get an arch without losing all your brow hairs in the process.

It’s also great if you have plenty of brow hairs, they just don’t grow in the direction you want. But if your brow hair is sparse, you might want to consider brow feathering before going in for brow lamination, or getting your brow hairs dyed to catch blonde ones after this treatment.

The effect lasts for 12 weeks, and if it’s done correctly you should have bushy, Brooke Shields-esque brows for that length of time. So how does it work?

“It works by applying a solution which breaks down the proteins in the hair,” explains Colette. “After this we can set them into our desired position/shape and we apply a setting solution to lock in the new design – followed by a nourishing serum to reseal the hair follicles and restore the shine to the natural hair.”

The whole process at Kohl Beauty takes around 35 minutes, which isn’t too crazy. Anyone can get brow laminating done, but it’s amazing for anyone with brow hairs that simply never want to be styled.

One thing Colette notes – don’t go cheap unless you know the person doing the brow lamination knows what’s up.

“Prices range from $110 -$150 – be careful your artist is actually using a lamination kit though as many who aren’t trained use a lash lift kit but the developing time is much stronger and can frazzle your natural hair – cheaper isn’t always better!”

Then you can (probs) bin those 40 brow gels you’ve never managed to make work.