It’s probably not been a great 48 hours for the two dudes behind the “strictly for men” startup / gym Nomadic Thinkers. All these nice Brisbane boys wanted to do was create a safe space for men to get swole and make rip-offs of Angry Birds in peace without the corrupting influence of women, and here they are, being told that they are asshats.

While their intentions might have seemed noble, a little digging (actually a lot of digging, it was awful) made it pretty clear these clowns were less interested in providing a comfortable environment for men and more in strictly enforcing traditional gender roles because things got a little too crazy when women were allowed to become providers.

So what do you do when, within a day of your launch, basically everyone with a computer is talking about how your business idea is a big ol’ pile of dildos (except way, way less useful than that)? You shut everything the fuck down.

While their website is still up, they’ve set both their Instagram and Twitter to private, although you aren’t missing much from their Twitter account, which just tweeted the handle of everyone that followed them (minus the @) with the same GIF. Thrilling stuff.

They also deleted their Facebook page (which was being kicked in the dick with one-star reviews before it was shut down), and they set the cute little MRA blog that got them into trouble in the first place to private, but this was apparently due to “copyright issues” raised by the Bondi Hipsters, of all people.

I am interested to see how their business goes with their new social media strategy of pretending they never existed.

Bros-Only Startup Space Goes Into Social Media Lockdown After Backlash

Good luck, nerds.