Incidences like today’s terror attack in London – which left four people dead, including the suspect, and another 20 injured – are ripe for the spread of misinformation as media scramble to identify the facts amidst total chaos. (Remember the whole Boston bomber fiasco?)

But uh, this still isn’t great: UK television station Channel 4 wrongly identified the suspect as Abu Izzadeen (formerly known as Trevor Brooks), an Islamist militant who was sentenced to two years in January 2016 for breaching the Terrorism Act.

During the programme, Channel 4 said that “conflicting information came to light” about the suspect’s identity.

As it turns out, Izzadeen is still very much in jail. Channel 4 news editor Ben de Pear sought to make the correction.

Both Channel 4 and Simon Israel, the senior correspondent who made the error, have apologised.

The suspect’s name has not been released.

Photo: PA.