We are through the looking glass now, people, and it’s uncanny in weirder ways than we might have expected: turns out there’s a South Korean company called Not You But You that happens to be the world’s first commercial dog cloning lab.

Dog cloning. Actual clones. Clones of pet dogs. They’re a thing now. 

Brissy Woman Forks Out $130K To Clone Beloved Pooch Bc You Can Do That Now

A thing that will set you back a cool $130,000+, because the opportunity to unnaturally extend the companionship of your beloved pupper don’t come cheap.

Not that that’s an issue for Brisbane entrepreneur Francesca Webster, who’s committed to having her tiny, scruffy mutt Scampy cloned via the services of Not You But You (is anyone else creeped out by that name? Just me?).

Brissy Woman Forks Out $130K To Clone Beloved Pooch Bc You Can Do That Now

The company has already cloned 895 dogs since its establishment in 2006, including one other dog from Australia

Local animal rights organisations are obviously not super keen on the thought of someone spending more than $100K on bringing a single dog back from the dead when there are so many animals languishing in shelters or being put down for want of a good home. 

Michael Beatty of the RSPCA told Ten News:

“The RSPCA really doesn’t think this is a good idea in any manner, shape or form.”

More than 200,000 homeless pets are put down in Australia every year. That’s not stopping Webster, though! She told the Courier Mail:

“If I can […] just get another one of Scampy, I’m willing to take that chance.”

It’s your God-fantasy, lady. Best of luck. 

Source: Courier-Mail.

Image: Facebook / Scampy Webster.