Y’know that Pen Pineapple Apple Pen deal? We’re fairly certain that video was actually an ill-conceived attempt to cook up a brand new dessert by slamming a coupla classic sweet ingredients together. 

Brissy Lords Redefine Ripping Cones With Golden Gaytime x Cronut Ice Cream

While the results of that experiment are catchy, they’re probs not edible. The Doughnut Bar and The Chocolate Komberry Co. have got it right though, ’cause their latest exploits have resulted in the goddamn doughnut x croissant x Golden Gaytime x soft-serve x bikkie mashup OF YOUR DREAMS.


Take a moment to contemplate the new world of hybrid noms we now find ourselves in. On a near-daily basis, some absolute maverick finds a new way to birth a delicious chimera that makes every dessert to come before it seem a bit ‘meh’. 

Of course, this cornucopia of sweetness comes after ol’ mate Adriano Zumbo and his squad messed with our hearts (read: arteries) with their Golden Gaytime macaron popsticks. 

When will the madness end? We’re not sure. But, until it does, you can go and ‘Gram the ever-living hell out these cones at the Chocolate Komberry Co. van at Brisbane’s Eat Street Markets on Friday and Saturday eves. 

Source and photo: The Doughnut Bar / Facebook.