Breaking Bad Cast Tweet Emotional Goodbyes Ahead Of Series Finale

Friends, today is the day. After five years of Walt and Jesse mucking around and cooking meth, making mischief, killing baddies, being the ones who knock and capturing our long-form drama addicted hearts, Breaking Bad will come to a close *collapses into inconsolable sobs*. Let’s remind ourselves that Vince Gilligan is just a cruel man toying with our emotions, the world of Walter White is fictional and the actors behind impeccably crafted facades are just as awesome as the characters they embody. Ahead of the series finale, the key actors from the series have taken to twitter to bid their farewells. So long, TV warriors:

Meme-loving Jesse Aaron Paul also posted his feels on instagram:


There will never be enough #hashtags to convey our emotions today:

Oh my god this was a relationship I didn’t even know I needed to be sad about:

You’ve changed our lives too, Vince <3