Today on ‘Reasons Why We Should Eat The Rich’, Italian fashion house Bottega Veneta is slinging what the internet thinks looks like glorified dog poo bag for $3,000.

If you’ve ever owned a dog, you’d be all-too familiar with those little black doggy bags that we all use when we sacrifice our dignity to pick up our dog’s shit from the footpath on our morning walk.

Quite frankly, I don’t even buy black garbage bags because they remind me too much of dog poo bags and I’m scared my greyhound is going to try to compensate for the big bag with… you get the picture.

But as it turns out, rich people are now paying upwards of $3,000 for a bag that looks pretty damn similar to the poopy bags. To be honest, upon first glance I thought it was an add for a reusable poo bag because, you know, the environment. But it turns out it’s actually the latest designer trend.

The bag, named the BV Twist, is described as a “soft sack shape with handle that looks casually knotted and slipped around the wrist,” which is probably how I’d describe the poop bag after my greyhound has finished his ~business~.

Notably, the bags also come in cream and indigo shades, which are actually pretty stylish. So maybe it’s just an unfortunate combination of the shape and the colour.

But I imagine if you’re in the position to pay $3,000 for a bag, you probably pay somebody to pick up your dog’s actual poo, so maybe the rich don’t even see the resemblance.

Conclusion? Eat the rich.