Bored Of Your White Stan Smiths? These Dipped-In-Gold Babies Drop Friday

adidas’ Stan Smith sneakers: some say they are the garden salad of the shoe world – they’re not *that* exciting, but they can be a pretty good addition to a sartorial dish. They’re clean and nice; they’re just not overly thrilling, y’know? 
But that might all change now – those kicks you rely on now come in ‘gold’ form. Molten gold Stan Smiths would work well for outfits that call for ‘look expensive’, you feel us. 
And expensive they will be – the ‘999 Gold Metals pack’ will be almost double the price. Standard SS’s are around US $65, but these metallic babies will be $110 or more. 
The shoes are a collaboration with the oldest and most-renowned German gold-beating manufacturers, Eytzinger. The company is based in the ‘Gold Leave’ town of Schwabach, and each shoe is said to ‘feature 167 years of craftsmanship experience and excellence’.
Just bloomin’ look at these babies:
Do we even have to say anything else? They’re dipped in gold. Goddamn gold. 
If you want golden twinkle toes, these molten babies are dropping July 15th. 

Source/Photos: Adidas.