Bon Iver Want To Use Their Upcoming Tour To Tackle Gender Inequality

Bon Iver is kicking off their tour supporting their Very Good Album 22, A Million in the United States and took to Twitter to announce that they’re starting up a campaign called 2 A Million (2AM) supporting the end of gender inequality, domestic violence, and sexual assault. 

The band says it will be teaming up with local advocacy groups and organisations at each show, and are encouraging punters to donate and get informed while they’re picking up merch, and jump on the hashtag #2AMillion.
The campaign is promoting person-to-person chats about these big topics, and flipping the bird to artists that think they’re too important tackle gender politics and harassment issues.
These issues have been causing a right mess throughout the music industry, as stories about shit behaviour at gigs are cropping up more often. 
Having a name like Bon Iver onboard to stamp out inequality and violence is a bit of a big move, and its bloody grouse to see it happening.
Source: Bon Iver/Twitter.
Lead Image: D.L. Anderson.