It’s undeniably the cut of 2019 – everyone seems to be lopping off their hair into some sort of bob. Reminiscent of 90s supermodels, the new bob is less slick and more textured. But while wash-n-wear hair is a huge mood, we’re not all blessed with effortless waves. Get the wrong bob for your hair type and you’re guaranteed months of struggles with curling irons and enough product to drown a small rat.

We chatted to Amanda Tua, Creative Director at Mr Burrows Hair in Newtown, to get the hot tip on what to know before you get a major chop.

1. If You’ve Got Thick Hair, Go Longer

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Your hair type is incredibly important when considering the exact length of your bob.

“As a rule of thumb, finer hair works best at any length above the shoulder, and thicker hair suits longer lengths – more length equals more control.”

Basically, the shorter you go, the more volume you’ll get. So if you’re covered on the volume front you want something grazing your shoulders as opposed to up near your ears.

2. Go To Someone Who’s A Gun When It Comes To Layering

Unless you want the triangle look (and it’s cool if you do) you need to see someone who knows what’s up when it comes to shaping layers.

“The triangle look happens when there is too much bulk through the ends, thus weighing down the root area. So you end up with flat roots and puffy ends! Adding a really soft layer or cutting into the edges to add texture will remove that bulk and keep your bob looking more streamline.”

If your hair is super fine though, no layers can work.

“If you have super fine hair, a blunter solid style will give the illusion of thickness.”

3. Tell Your Hairdresser EVERYTHING

The most important thing when it comes to getting a bob is communication. Your hairdresser isn’t in your bathroom with you every morning, looking at your hair. So let them know what you’re dealing with day-to-day.

“Letting a stylist know your daily routine, whether your hair has been styled in its current state, if it’s prone to frizz, or tends to be flat or limp – all of these things will help with the final result. And it means we can give you the correct at home haircare to maintain the look, and achieve the styling you want.”

Another thing? Don’t lie – to yourself. If you’re not going to spend time with the curling tong and volume spray to get a salon finish every day, don’t get a cut that needs it.

 Be open about how you style it on a day to day basis, and if you want a no fuss bob that requires no styling, let us know. The more information you can give your stylist about your hair, the better the outcome will be!

4. Yes, You Can Get Wash-N-Wear Hair

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If… you see the right person.

 “If your bob is cut correctly to suit your hair type, you should be able to wash and wear – either with no styling at all, or a quick tong or straighten in under 20min.”

That goes for all hair types – it comes down to the right length and layering, so rather than get fixated on some influencer’s excellent cut, listen to your hairdresser and concede if they tell you that your length needs to be longer or shorter, more layered or less. They’re the experts after all – you’ll be thankful in the long run!

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