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You can apparently now get a blue tick badge for the front of your house if you’re an influencer, public figure or represent a brand and my only question is WHY?

The concept came from entrepreneur Danielle Baskin, who was inspired to make the blue tick crest after she noticed that a lot of San Francisco homes have a particular plastic shield on the front of their house. A couple of people in the comments thought that the modern day version of this would be a blue tick.

There is a real website and everything. All you have to do is start an application with links to all your social media channels. At the moment it seems to just be an idea, but Baskin is keen on making it a reality.

Can you imagine the type of person that would buy one of these blue ticks? The whole cast of Married at First Sight for one, and 100% Jamie Doran from The Bachelorette.

And now with TikTok there’s even more blue tick clout chasers. Remember when hitting 100 likes on your profile picture was a milestone? Now it’s all about that blue tick. Remember when having friends who lived in a two-story house meant they were cool? Well, now you need a blue tick on the front of your house to be cool.

So how do you actually score yourselves one of those sexy blue symbols next to your name? Well it differs depending on the social media channel.

For Twitter it’s a bit easier, you just need to be figure of “public interest.” So that can mean someone in government, a journalist, sportsperson etc. But you’ll need to fill out a verification form on Twitter.

On Facebook it’s a similar process, but you have to be “well-known.”

Instagram seems to be the most difficult platform to get a blue tick with, in a statement they wrote: “Only some public figures, celebrities, and brands have verified badges on Instagram.”  Basically, it’s RARE to get one without being someone that is “highly searched for.” 

So if you really want one, getting one on your house might be the safest bet.

Image: Twitter / Danielle Baskin