Blokes Are Going Wild For A Kickstarter Project For Men’s Rompers

Thanks to deeply ingrained but completely arbitrary gender norms made up by some weirdos in historical times, there are basically two different types of outfits men are allowed to wear: pants and shirt, and a suit. Unless you’re Anthony Kiedis, society doesn’t give men a lot of leeway in the ways in which they can express themselves with clothing. It sucks and is one of the many ways in which patriarchy is shit for everyone.
But we’re getting there. Slowly, as a society, we’re coming to realise that all these rules are kind of weird and bullshit and as long as you don’t have your toilet parts out in public and you aren’t freezing to death, it really doesn’t fucking matter what you’re wearing.
Enter the RompHim.
This terribly named product allows men to finally experience the ironic juxtaposition of ‘freedom of movement’ and ‘literal confinement’ that the romper (or “playsuit”) provides.
Launched by ACED Design, the Kickstarter has managed to get very nearly four times the $10,000 USD goal set for the project at the time of writing, with another 28 days still left to go. It certainly looks like this is something people really want.
I have a slight feeling that this might be the sort of thing that extremely swole guys in packs of half a dozen wear to music festivals as a joke, but the people selling it reckon it’s all purpose:

“Turn heads and break hearts when you take your RompHim for a spin. Is it a romper designed for men? Sure, but it is so much more.

“We spent countless hours desiging the RompHim to be your favourite summer outfit. Concerts? Beach days? Rooftops? Pool parties? Leisurely strolls? Bar patios? This super-garment is designed to take them all on in style, keeping you cool as the days and nights heat up.”

Donating $95 USD now will get you one RompHim (a bit cheaper than the $119 USD that they will retail at), if you’re keen to free those gams but are sick of wearing shorts and a t-shirt. 

And, to answer the most important question: yes, there’s a fly on the front so you don’t have to take the whole thing off to piss.
Source and photos: Kickstarter.