Blessed Soul Adele Dedicates Tune To Sydney Fan Who Suffered Heart Attack

Adele‘s bloody gone and done it again. The sparkling diamond of Tottenham took a moment at last night’s show to dedicate a song to the 47-year-old fan who collapsed in cardiac arrest during Friday’s concert. 
In audio from the moment, you can hear Adele say:
“At this point in the show last night there was a lady, she got really ill down there. 

“I knew what was going on but I was really scared and it was at this point I stopped the show to check if she was okay.

“I don’t know if she’s okay yet but I’d like to sing this song for her tonight.

“I wish you a speedy recovery. I look forward to finding out who you are, I don’t know who she is yet and I’ll be speaking to you soon, I hope.”
She then proceeded to bust full-tilt into ‘Take It All, part of which you can watch (and tear up at) here:

One of the songs that I love ?? #takeitall #adele #haunting #AdeleLive2017

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Ahh, Adele. We’re all going to be so much poorer when you leave the country.

Source: Daily Mail.
Image: Cameron Spencer / Getty.