We have the horse race that stops a nation, now we have a horse that stopped a nation with Black Caviar’s retirement inspiring Australians, from the Prime Minster down, to pause and reflect on the career of the once in a lifetime horse. Making headlines worldwide, Black Caviar was considered the best sprinter in the world, undefeated during her 25 race career. The sentiment surrounding the equine superstar, a horse whose fame and repution exceeded past racing circles, was best summed up by sports reporter Sam Squires.   

Given that Black Caviar’s odds sailed north of $3 on only one occasion, her first start, very few punters actually made any real money from her track exploits. As a racehorse that transcended gambling, Black Caviar will be remembered as one of our nation’s greatest sporting entities. Unfortunately this has not afforded the horse a retirement of luxury, where the carrots flow freely and the the pre-dawn wake-ups are replaced with lazy days sleeping in a lush field. Nope, it’s off to the stud to make heaps expensive babies for this saucy minx. Enjoy retirement. 

Across her 25 (15 group one) race career, Black Caviar’s 12th win at the T J Smith Stakes in 2011 is widely considered as her best victory. check it out: