Mariah Carey Was Dead Wrong ‘Cos All I Actually Want For Christmas Is This Bin Chicken Merch

bin chicken merch
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Love them or hate them, bin chickens are a national icon. The humble ibis has catapulted itself into our collective conscious and it’s not going anywhere – seriously, it’ll cling on with the death grip of its insanely long beak.

It might sound like the stuff of nightmares to most, but there’s actually a dedicated line of bin chicken merch. Yep, it’s a real things and the haters will never take us alive for getting around it. This discovery couldn’t have come at a better time given we’re a few weeks out from Christmas. Give this merch to someone you love, give it to someone you hate – there’s no rules when it comes to the gift of the bin chicken.

Below, you can feast your eyes on our hefty lineup of ibis-themed merch. From swinging tote bags to wacky socks – this brand has slapped the animal on every item you can think of. There’s no better way to celebrate this beaked, bird beauty and it’s guaranteed to make your Christmas an unforgettable one – for all the wrong reasons.

bin chicken

He Died For Our Bins Essential T-Shirt, $24.53 

 Navy Blue Tote Bag, $25.24 

bin chicken

Bin Chicken You Out Pink Poster, $18.32 

Ibis iPhone Case & Cover, $24.57 

bin chicken

Not A Bin Chicken Graphic T-Shirt Dress, $56.70 

Lovely Ibis Classic T-Shirt, $24.53 

Tote Bag, $25.84 

Ibis Tapestry, $50.06

Classic T-Shirt, $23.55 

bin chicken

 Throw Pillow, $30.80

Australian Ibis Socks, $32.81 

bin chicken

Wheelie Bin Ibis Throw Blanket, $57.24

There you have it folks, arguably the greatest Christmas gift guide to grace the internet. We absolutely wouldn’t blame you for grabbing every item for yourself and decking the halls (and your house) with our favourite, feathered friend. Bin chicken haters, your time is up.