Bill Leak’s Son: “Dad Was The Least Racist Person You Could Meet”

The son of recently-departed cartoonist Bill Leak has defended his controversial body of work, denying he ever exhibited racist behaviour.
Johannes – who Leak left behind along with second son Jasper and daughter Tasha – penned an opinion piece for the home of his dad’s work, ‘The Australian’, just a day after Malcolm Turnbull confirmed the Coalition will push for changes to the Racial Discrimination Act.
“Section 18C and the AHRC gave many people licence to ­accuse my Dad of the abhorrent crime of racism,” he wrote. “Anybody who knew my Dad knows that he was the least racist person you could meet.”
He went on to liken the backlash his family experienced after his dad faced the Human Rights Commission for a particularly on-the-nose cartoon depicting Indigenous Australians as delinquent drunks who don’t look after their children to the vilification suffered by the victims of racial attacks.
“[If supporters], such as Bill Shorten and Tanya Plibersek, want to know what real vilification looks like, they need only look at what happened to my Dad and our family. It was genuinely offensive and placed him under enormous stress.”
The man just lost his dad, so we’ll say no more.

Source: The Australian.