Beyoncé Does Classiest Ever NZ Bungee Jump In Isabel Marant Sneakers

As if we weren’t crazy in love with Bey already, Beyonce—who is making Melburnians feel a rush of unease/pleasure as they feel Beyonce in their presence today for her set of performances at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne this week–last week visited New Zealand on her Mrs Carter tour, and in her spare time did the only thing a tourist in NZ would ever think to do, ie. propelling her body off a dauntingly high structure, attached to an elasticized rope.

My evidently blatant horror at bungee jumping aside, Beyoncé took to the voluntary torture by oozing class in a bodysuit that only she could ever manage to look flattering in and a pair of Isabel Marant sneaker wedges. Of course. What would look straight up dumb on any other extreme sport-loving mum, works unbey-lievably well on the Queen.

Tickets for Beyonce’s shows in Australia are almost all sold out, save for a few stray tickets at some of her dates, as well as some ludicrous (but embarrassingly tempting?) VIP packages that cost $1275, though to be fair I hear one of those tickets also includes the money-can’t-buy opportunity of Beyoncé actually looking at you.

See Beyonce nail it below. As one particularly astute instagram commenter said, “SHE ABOUT THAT LIFE.”

Via Refinery 29.