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Winter is well and truly here, and to say I dread stepping out into the icy chill every morning is a severe understatement, besties. I know this Arctic weather l is an excellent excuse to wear all your warm clothes and lay inside in the foetal position binge-watching TV, but if your workplace has an enforced work-from-office policy (aka borderline torture), puffer jackets are where it’s at when it comes to rugging up on your commute.

Puffers have really exploded in popularity over the last few years, and it’s not hard to see why. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be as warm as a freshly-made burrito no matter where they are? Now, I’m on the hunt for the perfect one to buy, so saddle up because you’re about to come on this journey with me. Hopefully, because you actually want to.

I’ve done some digging and found loads of options as not all puffer jackets are the same. Some are filled with polyester, some with down, some with more ethical down (as in, there is some form of transparency around where the down comes from).

Generally speaking, polyester fill can be great for general cool temps, but if you’re, say, heading into some sub-zero snow situation, you might want to get a down-filled puffer. Then again, if the polyester fill is dense enough, it can be a great vegan option — just do some research.

Here are a bunch of ops for ya.


17 Puffer Jackets That Won’t Make You Look Like The Michelin Man This Winter

P.E Nation Full Court Jacket, $380

Fitted with a super high collar and a drawstring waist, this bad boy will give you the ~ultimate~ cosy factor bb. The boxy fit is also prime layering material if ya wanna chuck a skivvy or two under there.

puffer jackets

Nude Lucy Topher Puffer Jacket, $140

If you’re more of a cropped puffer princess, you’ll be right at home with this Nude Lucy one. Not only is it made with weather-resistant nylon to fend off a rainy day, but it comes in four different colours — carob, willow, coal and marine — if you want to spice up your all-black winter wardrobe.

17 Puffer Jackets That Won’t Make You Look Like The Michelin Man This Winter

Huffer Track Puffer Jacket, $172.43, usually $229.90

White can be dangerous business if you’re a clumsy, spill-prone person (I’d know), but if you think you can fend off the stains, this lil’ Huffer number is a neat choice to give your navy and black coats a run for their money.

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Champion Rochester Athletic Puffer Jacket, $149.99

On the other hand, this tan/beige shade also goes down a treat? Amirite?!

17 Puffer Jackets That Won’t Make You Look Like The Michelin Man This Winter

PE Nation All Around Jacket, $299

Okay, for anyone who wants it all, this semi-cropped- but-still-not-full-length hybrid puffer (with a hood, mind you) allows you to have the best of both worlds. Its boxy fit also gives it a nice streetwear vibe if you pair it with a hoodie n’ cargos.

puffer jackets

Stussy Stock Puffer Jacket, $179.95

Chocolate brown is everything, and you cannot convince me otherwise.


17 Puffer Jackets That Won’t Make You Look Like The Michelin Man This Winter

The Recycled Cropped Mother Puffer, $59.99

We know these branded bbs can get a lil’ expensive, so let us give ya a nice budget option with this $60 alternative that still comes with all the trimmings, including a hood, a warm high collar and a water-resistant, quilted outer shell.


puffer jackets

Kathmandu Epiq Long Line Down Coat, $299.98, usually $599.98

All hail the long line jacket. These babies are a saviour when it comes to protecting your work outfit — especially when it starts pissing down mid-commute, and you’re still a 10-minute walk from the office. No one wants to be that person in the board room with a drenched white shirt, so just do yourself a favour and invest in one of these. We’re begging you.

17 Puffer Jackets That Won’t Make You Look Like The Michelin Man This Winter

Kathmandu Heli Warm Thermore Water Repellent Jacket, $119.98, usually $249.98

Fiiiiine, if that’s not your style, at least get one of these lightweight, compact ones. You can wear it to keep the rain and chill out, then as soon as the sun comes out, just roll it up and store it in your bag. Thank us later.

puffer jackets

Kathmandu Epiq Hooded Down Puffer, $180, usually $199.98

Alternatively, if you want to be a little bolder, Kathmandu’s Epiq Hooded Down Puffer range offers the goods with a range of different colourways, including Bellbird/Black, Blue Midnight Navy, Dusk/Black, Gum Tree/Black, Harvest/Black and Umber/Black.

You’ll be happy to know that all of Kathmandu’s down is also certified to the Responsible Down Standard, meaning the down/feathers have not come from animals subjected to any unnecessary harm.


17 Puffer Jackets That Won’t Make You Look Like The Michelin Man This Winter

Patagonia Down With It Jacket, $349.95

Made from 100% recycled polyester, this mocha-coloured number is built to provide optimal warmth thanks to its 600-fill-power without giving you the Michelin Man factor. It’s also got a nice interior pocket and a removable hood to get you through all the elements.


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Seed Heritage Longline Puffer Jacket, $189.95

Here’s a ladies version of the long-line puffer coats because we need to protect our stocking-clad legs from being rained into. Thank you very much.

17 Puffer Jackets That Won’t Make You Look Like The Michelin Man This Winter

Piper Short Puffer Jacket, $90.96, usually $129.95

If you live on a sunny coast, then perhaps a big, fat, fuck off puffer is a bit dramatic to walk around in. That’s why we wanted to at least give you a lightweight option to throw over a singlet or light tee. This’ll keep the breeze off of you in the cooler months.


puffer jackets

The North Face Himalayan Down Parka, $650

If you’re willing to invest, of course, a classic black, The North Face will never be a regretful purchase because it truly transcends all trends and will keep like-new for years and years to come.

17 Puffer Jackets That Won’t Make You Look Like The Michelin Man This Winter

The North Face Nuptse Short Jacket, $450

The same goes for this cropped baby that has the awesome wet-sheen sort of look it has to it.

puffer jackets

The North Face 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket, $450

If you’re more of a retro lover and you like to carefully curate your wardrobe with unique pieces, this 1996 Retro Nuptse might be more down your alley. While the orange is fkn epic, it also comes in other colours, so make sure you go forth and have a sus.

Image: Nude Lucy / THE ICONIC