Whether you’re in lockdown, locked into your own state or just sick and tired of the relentless shit 2020 has been slinging at us since January, let me tell you a thing – you deserve some GLITTER.

Or frills! Or large sleeves! Or latex! Whatever your OTT vibe, investing in something fancy and eye-grabbing can really make your week. Obviously don’t go buying a million things for no reason – let’s not contribute to landfill waste – but just one fun thing that you can wear around the house, the first day you can actually have a party again, and then re-wear for all parties in future? That’s worth it.

As all the fashion brands emerge from the loungewear influx and start bringing the drama again, I’ve rounded up some seriously “LOOK AT MOI” outfits for you. Treat yourself.


Rhapsody Dress, $369.95

Alice McCall

Magic Moment Playsuit, $360


Riff Raff Crop Top, $149


Animal Maxi Slip Skirt, $49.99


Daphne Top, $169

Glue Store

The Simpsons X Vans Tee, $99.95


Carmen Boots, $449


Musette Coat, $349.95

General Pants

TWIIN Statuesque Midi Dress, $89.95


LUXE Cowl Neck Dress, $56


DESIGN Shirt, $50

Barney Cools

Holiday Shirt, $99.95

Double Rainbouu

Super Paradise Hawaiian Shirt, $195

The Iconic

Bec + Bridge Delphine Dress, $300

Pretty Little Thing

Plus Lime Shacket, $72

Nasty Gal

Flare To Join Us Top, $55


Dermot Bodysuit, $59.95

Princess Polly

Ziggy Shirt, $60


Jonathan Simkhai 2 Pack Masks, $60.64

Double Rainbouu

Animal Kingdom Shirt, $220


Robina Top, $169 and Celia Skort, $199

Princess Polly

Motel Prapa Top, $58

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