If there’s one universal fashion item, it’s the t-shirt. Yes I know you’re all thinking about undies but many, many people choose to go commando – I truly reckon more people wear tees than wear undies tbqh.

Finding the perfect tee is a horrible gauntlet full off misshapen nightmares and unravelling threads. It’s something everyone would ideally like to avoid – and do you know, you actually can?

Well, if you believe in the people of Reddit with no abandon, you can. There are some strong style nerds on there, and they’ve run the gauntlet for you and are willing to share their secrets. Here’s all the men’s tees that were upvoted like hell.


Next Level @ Amazon Premium Tee, from $6.32

Ok so quick warning – unfortunately this tee doesn’t ship to Australia via Amazon. They provide some other sellers, but I’d never heard of ’em so I’m throwing the Amazon link your way in case you have nice US mates who will ship these to ya.

“They fit slim, last forever, and are super comfy,” Reddit user RobotKitten said of the tees on MaleFashionAdvice.

RobotKitten was upvoted 798 times at the time I wrote this, so it’s safe to say a lotalotalot of people share his sentiment.

People did say these ran a little short, so if you have a long torso or are just a giant, the suggestion is to buy up a size.


Uniqlo Supima Cotton T-Shirt, $14.90

Here’s one you can get in Oz – Uniqlo’s signature Supima cotton t-shirts. They’re a bit of a tricky one – if you’re either tall and built, or short and stocky – apparently you’ll love ’em. Tall, skinny dudes (oh heyyyy, hit me up *wink*) might not appreciate – the fit according to Reddit users is long and loose, so if you’re into that then cool beans, but if you want a slim fit you might find they’re not for you.


H&M Round-Neck T-Shirt, $9.99

How’s this for a quote on these basics from H&M:

“Best fitting piece of clothing I’ve ever owned, its ridiculous. Friends at parties telling me I’ve been working out heaps, am I still doing paleo, etc,”badlucktv.

“Am I still doing Paleo”, outstanding. H&M tees have mixed reviews – but as we’ve already gathered, so do a lot of these t-shirt favourites, probs because no two people have the same body shape so naturally some will suit and some won’t.

Reddit user Xtationcraft concurs.

“H&M sells V-necks and other such shirts for about $10 each. Very comfy and come in the entire spectrum.”


Country Road Crew Neck T-Shirt, $44.95

Reddit user abcs12 called these “solidly constructed, high quality cotton and a good cut”, and after being called out for their priciness, retorted with “it’s better to buy a few quality pieces in versatile colours that you know you will use over and over again”, which like, fair point well made.


ASOS Muscle Fit T-Shirt, $12

These are strictly for gym-junkies – at least according to Reddit.

“Asos muscle fit (if you hit the gym) are fantastic!” says user Pineapple26User Slapforclaps agreed, saying they didn’t suit his body shape.

“Surprisingly thick fabric on these, I second these. I have nothing on my arms, so they end up fitting wrong under the armpit. So they really are only for people who hit the gym.”


Bella + Canvas Unisex Triblend Short Sleeve Tee, $TBC

Bella + Canvas technically make bulk-order tees, but if you and some mates are keen they do deliver o/s. They got raaaave reviews on Reddit, with everyone finding out about them via weird ways, like the fact that Chance The Rapper’s merch was Bella + Canvas, people bought it and loved the feel and fit, rest is history.

“I bought two T shirts from them 7 years ago and they are still as good as new,” – FoxTrot56.

Image: Instagram / @americanapparelusa