Best Dramatic Reactions To Coalition Victory

Today the sound of collective lefty groaning has permeated around the nation – a high pitched, incessant whining that has left a huge number of people collapsing in to sobbing messes. There probably are a lot of Tony Abbott fans cheering today, but it’s certainly hard to hear them over the sound of Labor/Greens/Independent voters’ vocal depression. 

We already saw yesterday that the tag #1950herewecome flourished after a Coalition victory appeared inevitable, with the prospect of a conservative-led government and Abbott’s noted archaic views on certain issues spawning the concept. But once Mr Abbott declared victory and Mr Rudd conceded defeat, twitter certainly wasn’t impressed. Hell, the most vocal were punching virtual walls. Here’s a round up of some of the most bleak, dark and hilarious tweets that emerged:

and LOOK! Comedian Bill Bailey gives his detached but always welcome opinion:

and the best meme of the night, the first of many: