All Of These Affordable Fashion Brands Are Having A Massive Moment, FYI

Loving clothes can be hard. Trends come as fast as your ex-boyfriend did (ahahahaha sorry I couldn’t help myself, the joke was right THERE guys), luxury is mainstream now thanks to epic collections from fashion houses like Gucci, and basically it all means it’s easy to drop entire paycheques on new threads.

It’s not about being a slave to trends. And it’s not about over-consumption, either. It’s just that when you froth fashion but live on a teeny budget, it’s not always possible to fork out for high-end shit but you LIVE for the trends coming off the runways.

Luckily the high street stores have your back. And while high street has always been about giving the masses the runway trends for less, there’s a few brands really nailing it at the moment. They’ve got more than a bit of my money so far, and I’m sharing ’em with you bc I’m all about that fashion community life, bebs.


I’m really on some 70’s bullshit at the moment, so while searching for great summer shift (read: cult) dresses, I ventured back into my favourite store for crystals as a teen. While Tree of Life still has that Byron Bay aesthetic firmly in place, it’s moved beyond being the destination for true hippies and is literally filled with dreamy, romantic dresses, pants and tops. They also drop new collections on the regular.


Romance Dress, $120
Floriana skirt, $89.95


For a while I felt like Sportsgirl wasn’t giving me what I wanted – everything was either basics or stretchy jersey dresses. But their last few collections – and especially the most recent stuff – have been really bloody good. There’s loads of cute feminine wrap dresses, cropped floaty tops and adorable pinafores, for example. And their accessories offering’s really picked up it’s game.


Daisy Printed Top, $59.95
Celestial Earrings, $19.95


I’d say around a year ago Glassons ventured into linen, and have never looked back. As our Lifestyle Editor Lucinda said to me “I fuck with Glassons. Especially their linens” – 100% agreed. You’ll find chic midi dresses, wrap tops that go back fantastically with all your mom jeans, and these wide leg pants that I now absolutely need. But beyond their linen, they’re making epic swimmers which constantly sell out, and even summer sandals – I have this pair and I’m constantly being asked where I got them.


Linen Blend Frill Hem Dress, $49.99
Shimmer Underwire Bikini Top, $19.99


These guys are killing it when it comes to trend-driven pieces that’ll get you through entire seasons. Our Associate News Editor Alex swears by their Kindred dress, which she got in the sales and wears every time she can’t think of what to put on. They’ve got everything from 80’s swimmers to baby dresses this season.


Straight Roads Dress, $89.95
Linen Strapless Mini Dress, $79.95


If you haven’t hit Uniqlo in the last year for affordable-yet-well-made basics like their trusty linen shirts, do you even fashion? The global brand continues to impress with their simple and crisp designs, which sit juuust outside of trends so as to be timeless, but play into them enough to feel fresh. Their latest collection is full of fantastic knits I’ll be collecting, tyvm.


U Cotton V Neck Camisole, $29.90
U 3D Ribbed Balloon Crew Neck Sweater, $59.90


Two fantastic things about Atmos&Here. One – they consistently deliver (and especially over the past few months) when it comes to pieces that are affordable but nail trends that are just starting to blow up. Two – they make loads of their fantastic designs in larger sizes, meaning curvy ladies don’t have to miss out on the trend-driven pieces. This is fantastic news – often brands will make different styles for their curvy ranges, which tend to miss the mark when it comes to trends. But these guys KILL IT.


Olivia Smock Dress, $59.95
Suzie Wrap Top, $59.95


The GP-exclusive brand has been pulling out all the minimalist stops, and everything’s fresh as hell for summer. They’re especially killing it when it comes to mini and midi dresses – great cuts, cute accents, etc etc.


Luella Textured Frill Dress, $89.95
Cropped Side Split Palazzo Pants, $79.95